Sunday, September 30, 2007

I think the only true solution to the Bears problem is a new offensive coordinator. They've built a very fast athletic team, but Ron Turner runs a slow vanilla offense at best. He is not the right fit for this roster. However, there's just no way he can be replaced until the offseason, so what can the Bears do? First off they have to change their expectations. I don't think the Bears are a Super Bowl quality team without Mike Brown. Their hopes ended when he was horse-collared by Lorenzo Neal. They are still a playoff caliber team if they can get a running game going and stop fumbling. Personally I think they should get Ricky Williams who becomes eligible tomorrow. The offensive line can't block, so their only hope for any offensive production is misdirection and quick-hitting passes to their speedy receivers, backs not named Cedric and Greg Olsen. Then they can run an occasional traditional run to Benson or over the middle pass to Moose or Clark.
The quarterback situation should be monitored. Griese should have a shorter hook than Grossman. I'd say if he reaches six turnovers before the end of the Home game with Minnesota he's done on that play and he immediately moves to third string behind Orton then Grossman. The way things are the Bears still have a legitimate shot at reaching 4-4. If they fail to achieve this mark I think they should become Orton's team.
I'm going to go sit in the hot tub right now. I hope I don't think much about football until I tune in to torture myself next Sunday night. On the bright side Arsenal are on top of the premership and they have two games this week. At least one of my sporting loves is fun to watch right now!

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