Tuesday, September 18, 2007

An Open Letter to the New England Patriots Roster

Oh, come on. The most annoying thing about what has been called elsewhere "Patriotgate" is not the huge win the Patriots had over the Chargers on Sunday night (though that was pretty annoying), nor is it Bellichick's refusal to answer any questions about it (if anyone says they're surprised about that, they're lying). What I find most disgusting about the whole thing, aside from the actual cheating, as that after the Chargers win all these Patriots came out, from Brady (has he always sounded like doting little boy talking about his daddy when it comes to Bellichick?) to Bruschi, and started talking as if their coach is suddenly beleaguered--and unfairly at that. Like all these people who are upset about their coach cheating are the real bad guys here.

I'm sorry, idiots, but Bellichick is not a victim, and you didn't redeem him with your win. He might be an extremely good coach, but he also tried to cheat, and he broke rules doing it. No one is making that up, and no one is badgering him about something that shouldn't be a story. You can say you don't want to talk about it all you want. That's understandable. But stop acting like he's a fucking victim!

And you should really be thanking your lucky stars that, at least so far, the public backlash hasn't turned against you as players. There are legitimate questions to be answered about how much you knew about--or even participated in!--the cheating. It really appears that you could be a genuinely amazing team this year (which sucks!), but if you cheated, even if it didn't really help you, that is going to tarnish not only a few games, but your entire legacy. One of the saddest things about the whole Shoeless Joe Jackson story is that he was actually a very good player who had his immortal standing in the public eye ruined by the fact that he participated in cheating. Maybe in eighty years Kevin Costner's reanimated body will direct a movie designed to redeem your own ghost.

Bears Geek

I actually hope that Tom Brady wasn't involved in any cheating. I like hating him for no reason. Actually having a reason to hate him would pretty much ruin the whole thing.

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