Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dante Wesley to the Patriots?!

This sucks. I didn't feel all that strongly one way or the other about Dante Wesley, but just about the only weakness the Patriots appeared to possibly have this year was their secondary, what with Asante Samuel pulling a Lance Briggs over there and some other guy being all injured. The thing is, Wesley is actually good, and it seems likely he'll end up with significant playing time for the Pats. Which means now this will happen: When the Bears meet the Patriots in the Super Bowl, up by only three points with a minute and a half to go, Rex Grossman will get so excited that he'll forget you don't have to go deep for a TD when you have the ball and the lead with almost none time left, and he'll launch a deep ball directly to Wesley, who will then scamper back for a TD. Game over. Belichick will scowl boredly on the sidelines, hoping none of the guys can smell the pit odor wafting off his unwashed hoody/rag thing he wears, but then he'll figure, Fuck it, these guys don't matter to me, I'll smell however the hell bad I want to smell, I'm goddamn Bill Belichick and I just won more Super Bowls than Jesus, Hell, I'll just shit my pants right here on the sidelines because I can do that, normal rules just don't apply to me, no one can make me take a bath or wash my clothes, I don't want to enjoy anything, screw everybody here, God it's loud, God I hate it here. This will happen. Angelo just pretty much guaranteed it.

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