Sunday, August 12, 2007

Oakland: Where Former Vikings Go to Die

I miss Daunte Culpepper. Sure, it was infuriating to watch him roll up so many points for the Vikings, but it was always fun to watch him play against the Bears, where the defense could be counted on to take advantage of his fumbling fetish. Sometimes it didn't even seem to have anything to do with the defense; he's just drop back and apparently forget he had the ball. High comedy. When Moss went to Oakland, it appeared that he only brought the negative aspects of his game and forgot where he put the good parts. Culpepper seems to be off to a good start at following in the footsteps of his former friend (/adversary?). From Mike Tanier's description of Culpepper's first few plays for Oakland the other night:

"Culpepper took the field midway through the third quarter and promptly fumbled a snap. On his next possession, Culpepper dropped to pass, got sacked, and fumbled on the 4-yard line."

I really hope Culpepper's starting for Oakland by Nov. 11. With Oakland's line, it will be like the Bears are playing with a 2-apple rush on. I'd like to see Culpepper shoot for a new record for fumbles by a single player in one game.

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