Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Sigh of Relief

Ten minutes before the beginning of the Cleveland game, I just wanted to say how happy I am that there are no more Lance Briggs stories in the Chicago press. Well, at least there are no columns. There was an article about how the police are done with there investigation because they just don't think there's really anything there. I'm sure David Haugh is chugging the Mylanta over it, but at least he's back to writing mediocre sports reportage instead of bizarrely inept psychological speculation.

Also, my girlfriend is here visiting me, which means I'd probably be about as happy as I am now regardless of what the Chicago press decided to write.

Pretty much the only thing of even remote interest about today's game is whether Tommie Harris plays any snaps. I think I read that Rideau got cut, which didn't surprise me after he ended up playing with the first team for a bit last week, but the story kind of got buried when Lance Briggs publicly raped a baby lion and then fed a human baby to it and Lovie Smith apparently didn't care. Oh, what? He just lost control of his ridiculously high-end sports car and crashed it and then panicked and made some mildly stupid decisions in the aftermath? That's all? Weird... I could've sworn he'd done something certifiably evil... Oh, well..

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