Monday, August 06, 2007

David Haugh is a worthless camp correspondant

While Brandon McGowan was outplaying Chris Harris for the reserve safety spot, Haugh was whining about Briggs not offering the fans enough. The next day Haugh arrogantly post-covered the Harris trade as totally not surprising, saying that "the only people who didn't sense the inevitability of a move at the overstocked position seemed to be the ones who play it." While, them and you jackass! The story is mostly about how surprised Haugh is that the Bears are sold on Archuleta and McGowan. Maybe if he'd take the time to report on who's looking good in camp to those of us who aren't paid to watch training camp we could have seen it coming! Days later it turns out that Briggs is actually "High on the fans' list" and Dante Wesley wasn't even invited to Soldier Field and is offically on his way out the door. A development sprung on us after the fact due to a lack of reporting about McBride's leve of play. Another indication that Haugh has no idea how to do his fucking job!

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Marcus said...

Here, here! That's why I was so excited to discover the halfway decent coverage they've got going on over at the Daily Herald.

The thing that makes me the most angry about him, when I'm angry about him, is that when he does stick to the straight football analysis, he's proven to be both quite adroit at it along with being a decent writer. So he could be providing some actual news out of camp, but instead he writes a thousand words about stuttering.

I sometimes wonder if it's him or if it's his editors. Did someone at the Tribune decide that the way to sell newspapers was to have sports articles that avoid talking about actual sports?