Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The first thing I noticed today, the day after Rex brought doubting him back into vogue, is that the Daily Herald are the only Chicago media source that employs good sports writers. The saddest thing is that they only have one story a day usually. But their game recap is what sports reporting should be. Instead we're subjected to people like Mariotti and Rosenbloom who jump at every chance to insult the flavor of the day and never offer any insight to those of us who aren't lucky enough to get paid to offer other people information about Chicago sports.
About the game, I think the snap problem is a total fluke, and a glove on Rex's left hand should take care of any worry. The real issue is that the Bears O-line doesn't look great and Fred Miller in particular appears a step slow. If this insn't fixed we're gonna see a lot of short passes this year, which doesn't really suit the strengths of the offence.
The good news is that Graham played excellent, and he's still in a fierce battle to make the team. Hass deliverd some great plays but is still well behind Rideau, if Rideau's ankle injury isn't serious. Garay showed up on a few plays and I assume must be pushing Adams for a roster spot. I assume Idonije is a lock and I haven't heard much about Adams. Okwo and Bazuin have also been mostly invisable thus far, but I don't get to watch practice. Wouldn't it be wonderful to know how the battles were looking in the heat of camp, not just under the lights!?
Finally, Payne had an incredible night. And Briggs looks like he's worth every dollar in the stack of 7.2 million that he has in his living room. Williams and Wilson also deserve note for being very physical and on screen almost every play in the 2-3 quarters.

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