Monday, August 06, 2007

Laurence Holmes, on the Other Hand, is a Wonderful Camp Correspondent

The very end of Haugh's latest thing contains this little snippet:

"Even after seven seasons in Chicago, linebacker Brian Urlacher only reveals his personality in snippets. Another one came Monday night in an interview with Zach Zaidman on WSCR-AM's 'Bears All Access,' when Urlacher addressed the realities of his fame.

'I'll never be able to be the way I want to be or who I was,' Urlacher said. 'That's just the price you pay for the job I have.'

Of the Bears' signature Cover-2 defense, Urlacher summed it up well. 'I don't like it,' he said. 'But it works.'

Especially interested to hear more of the context of Urlacher's quote about not liking the Cover-2, I decided to head on over to the WSCR website to see if the interview with Urlacher was archived anywhere. What I stumbled upon was so much cooler:

Laurence Holmes, who is apparently the host of something called "The Me Show," has been keepinga daily Bears Blog of camp so far. It's really good. He manages to give you a good sense of what the practices are like, of the personalities of the players and so on, along with tons of information of how practices are going and who's performing well, etc. Too bad the website is gross. It looks like it was designed in the mid-nineties. And, once again, no .rss feed... wtf?

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