Sunday, August 12, 2007

Happy Bears

Yay! Bears football is officially back today! I was kinda bummed because I missed it, but I missed it to play free early-eighties vintage video games all day, so that's okay. And then I came home to see if I could find out what happened in the game today, and there on the chicagosports website was Rahula Strohl's brand new Bear With Us game liveblog thing! I'd completely forgotten about it, and my sudden rediscovery has just made me so happy. Here's a highlight:

"the Texans returner (didn't get a name, sorry) breaks through the first wave and up the sideline, then tries to make it a big play by cutting back to the middle of the field, where he gets leveled in the open field by Adrian Peterson shy of midfield. Note to kick and punt returners: If you want to break one against the Bears, I don't care how open the field looks beyond him, don't run in the direction of AP. He will end your return."

I want Rahula Strohl to be my friend.

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